Sep 6, 2022 • 10M

Podcast: Recipes in the Lobby

Recipes given in the lobby, a new favourite recipe, and eating notes

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the audio version of dinner document by Rebecca May Johnson, with writing, recipes and my eating updates
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Hello! My name is Rebecca May Johnson, I am a writer and cook and this is my is the audio podcast version of my twenty-sixth newsletter, with the title Recipes in the lobby. In it I read aloud a diary entry about being given recipes when I’d been forgotten in a lobby, a new favourite recipe cooked after my friend Angela made it for me, and eating notes. You can also find the podcast on Apple and Spotify.

My first book SMALL FIRES, AN EPIC IN THE KITCHEN was published just over a week ago. The book has received some wonderful reviews in The Observer, The Sunday Times, the i Paper and The New Statesman. Thank you for supporting the book!

***Bookmark and Poster Giveaway!***

Pushkin Press have given me 2 posters and 10 bookmarks to give away to people reading Small Fires. They have the beautiful marbled red background of the cover and say: COOKING IS THINKING. Share a photo of your copy on Twitter or Instagram stories tagging @Pushkin_Press or if you would prefer, email the pic to with ‘small fires competition’ in the subject. We’ll choose winners and send the bookmarks and posters out.

I am going on tour in the next few months, if you’re interested in these events tickets are available via the venues, which I will share via social media, or you can look up online. They’ll be lots of fun and I have some wonderful conversation partners lined up.

Pieces published over the last week or so (free to read):

On Not Cooking in Rome, in The London Magazine (lots of pizza!)

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