Oct 27 • 12M

Podcast: New Old Lunch

Making new old lunch in a new old house; a recipe for pasta sauce with chicken roasting juices and pumpkin; and eating notes

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Rebecca May Johnson
the audio version of dinner document by Rebecca May Johnson, with writing, recipes and my eating updates
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Hello! My name is Rebecca May Johnson, I am a writer and cook and this is the audio podcast version of my twenty-ninth newsletter, with the title New Old Lunch. In it I read aloud a diary entry about a new old lunch, a recipe for one of the best pasta sauces I’ve made (pumpkin and roasting juices from a chicken), and eating notes from the week. I also shared a playlist for my book.

*Exciting news!* SMALL FIRES, AN EPIC IN THE KITCHEN will be launched in the US from late spring 2023. You can pre-order here!

You can read reviews of Small Fires in The Observer, The Sunday Times, the i Paper and The New Statesman. I read from it on BBC Radio 3, too!